Post-processing raw logs: the difference between base and rover mode

Supposing that you are ONLY post-processing from RAW logs (converted to RINEX):

Does it really matter if Reach is in BASE mode or ROVER mode when it is logging RAW data?

I propose that one could use 2 Reach units in ROVER mode and later decide to use one of the .obs files as if it were the base station.

  1. Is that a fair statement?
  2. Would the quality or the output be any different than operating normally with one as BASE and one as ROVER?

There is no difference, you can run them both as rovers.

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When choosing the “Used positioning systems,” is there a penalty for selecting all of them as opposed to just gps or gps/sbas or gps/sbas/glo?

example: gps, sbas, glo, gal, qzs, comp

Does doing that slow things down or make for less data in the log file from the gps satellites?

There is no penalty in selecting all of them. This selector is for a situation when you want to exclude some system from being used. Used systems are also limited by receiver settings, so if you have GPS_Glonass_5Hz choosing compass in used systems will not result in it being used, but if you disable GLONASS in used systems it will be excluded from processing (still logged though).

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