Post Processing - PPP corrections to Survey Data Workflow

Hey All,

I am new to using the Emlid Software for Post Processing. I am looking for some support or work flow for data post processing.

I did a Base + Rover RTK survey Collecting Data in the field.
I Have submitted my Base Static/Rinex Files to NRCAN for the PPP results, and obtained the results.

Now my question is how do I apply these results and shift my collected rover RTK data to match?

Previously while using Trimble gear I have done all this in TBC and it is pretty straight forward. I no longer have access to TBC so I am wondering if this can be done with Emlid Studio. I have read through the guide but do not seem to see anything addressing this.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Currently not possible with Emlid Studio, to do the shift you will need to access another mapping/GIS application or do it manually in a spreadsheet.
Some discussion here: How to correct collected points with a new base position? - Support tips - Emlid Community Forum

Global Mapper is a great utility for this sort of work but costs, QGIS is free.


Further question regarding work flow.

So i set my base up as a static receiver and let it average the point. I turned on my RTK unit and started to survey.

Did I mess up here? I assumed i could just Post process everything like with a trimble or leica unit.

Did i need to let it average then manually enter those coordinates for the base point? Slightly confused about the whole thing now.

Can I salvage my survey data or is it no good?

Any Help is appreciated.

Hi Jason

Quick question on your method for survey. Were you using Emlids and Flow for the survey? If so, the stop and go would probably do the job in emlid studio. It is pretty easy to use, essentially the same as a PPK routine but add in the exported file from flow.

If not, as wombo says you are probably best doing a block shift between the base data and new PPP position. Either in excel or in a GIS type software. I’m not sure if there is a mechanism in flow360 to allow this. The only way I can think of is to setup a datum shift with only the DX,DY,DZ elements (you have those from the averaged RTK Base position and PPP base position) and then update your flow project with that.

How did you collect data? What were you surveying? I’m just thinking of any way you could PPK and then strip out new coordinates from the rover files. Base shift is still the easiest from your RTK export file. It depend what you are doing on which avenue is best for you.

Good luck, hope you get an easy solution for this.

Hi Jason,

Welcome to our community!

First, I can agree with Wombo’s words. This support tip covers how to shift your collected data after getting the accurate position of your base.

For post-processing in Emlid Studio, you’ll need raw data logs from both the base and the rover. Have you recorded them for the rover, too?

These are two ways to set up your base. If you don’t have a known point for your base, you can average its position. But if you know its coordinates — for example, from NRCan, as you did — let’s type them manually with the option Manual.

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