Post Processing - Non RTK - Workflow

I’m seeking clarification that I have the proper workflow understood and am not missing something.

I have setup a Base RS+ unit over a known control point and collecting single data to a log file. My rover is ~5 miles away in the mountains and no way for an RTK setup, so I am collecting points on the Rover for 5-10 minutes in single mode with the plan of post processing the rover points against my base station log file in RTKlib. (No cell or internet and CORS station is 100 miles away… bush Alaska)

I’ve downloaded the Rinex files from Base and Rover, along with my Rover “survey” file in *.csv format.

I can open my rover “survey” file and find the timestamps for start/end time for each of my surveyed points.

Within RTKlib, I then need to import the full Rover *.obs file, the Base *.obs file, and *.nav file.

Now, for each point I have to manually change the Time Start and Time End points (taking into account the 18 second leap differential between GPST and UTC) and then modify the other settings per usual for a static processing and finally hit Execute.

This is then done for each point along my survey.

Quite tedious and prone to human error. Is there not an easier way? It would be good to have the Survey tool in ReachView record a separate log file which can then be selected as the *.obs for use in RTKlib and avoid the Time Start / End changes.

What am I missing?



there are at least two user made programs to solve your problem.

For the PKK point extracter software you need to process your survey in kinematic mode and the the programm will average the positions in your CSV file from the resulting track.

My programm uses the cmd line version of RTKpost to process each survey point individually in static mode and afterwards it averages the position from 25% of the solutions with the highest quality.

Other than the first mine is not for free but I expect you to share your benefit by donating. At the otherhand I could integrate some of your wishes if you do so.


Thanks Tobias. I will take a look.

That is one way, but I think it is easier to post-process the whole rover file. Then in RTKPLOT you can set the start and end time to show that segment of your processed position file. Still you have to do it for each point, but is saves the running of several processing jobs.

Of course, one of the above automated programs would probably be much easier.

Thanks Bide. I used the PPK point extractor link that Tobias suggested and it worked flawlessly.


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