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Hello. I’m trying to process GNSS kinematic in the program Javad Justin. Import of the RINEX file received from the Emlid and import the file from the base receiver (Javad Triumph-2) occurs without problems. Then, when trying to process a vector, an error appears. The reason for the error is that there are no corresponding epochs in the files. In the screenshot it can be clearly seen.

Why is the “wrong” time written in the Emlid RINEX file? The most interesting is that other programs, including RTKlib, process this vector.

Hi Denis,

I can see there’s indeed an error when you try to post-process the log from Reach in Javad Justin, but unfortunately, there isn’t a lot we can provide from our end. Reach outputs industry standard RINEX and works fine with most post-processing software.

I’d recommend checking with Javad support on your issue or maybe someone from our users is familiar with this software.

convert the ubx file of the Reach into rinex 2.11 and test if it works

Thanks for the answer.
The fact of the matter is that I contacted Javad’s support service and I was answered that “there are no corresponding epochs in the files”. I’m wondering why the Rnex file is formed with the incorrect fractional time of seconds (highlighted in yellow). In my opinion, these fractions of seconds incorrect indicate obvious problems.

Not knowing the software, why should there be a need for to-the-millisecond identical epochs?
When they are offset, it just gives a slight delay in the corrections. Something that is completely normal for RTK applications.
Does the software also require identical data collection rates on both rover and base?

From the use of different versions of the rinex file, nothing changes.

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