Post-processing in near real time?

Has anyone managed to build an Emlid Reach app that can plot a track by post-processing on the run (e.g. with a sensibly-powered laptop?)? If so, what API have you used?

I think all you need is GPS plotter software. Configure your rover to output its RTK position to your device (laptop/smartphone/tablet). Then watch the track appear on the screen.

You can send the rover’s position output over Wi-Fi, serial (UART/RS232), or Bluetooth, etc…

Plotting (chartplotting) software is something typically seen in the marine industry, but I’m sure almost any mapping app will let you enable/save a track log.

@hamish.blair, do you really mean post processing?
Why woudl you do that ‘on the run’, if you have the correciton data available, just use RTK?

You need to wait till you get your base log, before you can postprocess…

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