Post Processing Help

Hello All,

I have the logs of the Reach and of the VRS base. Now, how can I process this data in order to be able to geotag images and then to pix4d?



If you’ve used ReachView 1 for writing the logs and you have RINEX files ready, then you need to get the post-processing software here and follow the instructions in our post-processing guide.

For ReachView 2 beta, this is functionality is not ready yet, but we will provide the necessary software in the coming days.

Thank you for the response!

I followed the steps and I have the .pos file . How can I merge this to the images for geotagging.

Along with pos file you should have _events.pos file. This will have the precise positions for every photo you took. Many GIS support that type of data input.

If that’s not your case, you are free to extract the data from the file and modify EXIF tags of your photos.

Yes I have that file as well. Do I have to extra the data in my log manually or is there a more automatic way to do it ? The reason why is that I normally have over 300 pictures per project.

Hey mate did you ever find a solution? I have the exact same question.

Is there any feedback on this yet?

Hi Zachery,

Could you please create a separate thread describing your issue?

Current thread is almost 2 years old, we had a lot of updates since then. It is very likely the answer to your question may be found on this forum or in our docs.

For instance, here is Post-processing guide:

I close this thread as the initial issue is solved.