Post processing comparing 2 Base Stations

I’m processing some test data and need a little help, please.
We did a flight with the Reach Rover on the UAV with camera, and had two base stations setup (Leica Base and Reach Base, both on known points). The goal is to compare the two. I processed the RINEX files from Rover with each Base in RTKpost, with the result of two event position files. So far so good.
When comparing the event positions I don’t see the small differences I expected: The lat and long are identical, and there is a difference of ~1.15m for height on each point. What could be causing this?
The Base stations were located approx. 20m apart, their coordinates are in the same system.
I’m still new to this and I’m hoping there is an easy explanation.
Thank you!

Hi @mrammer,

Do you remember about setting antenna height?
Could you share your logs, please?

Looks like as a new user I’m unable to upload any attachments. Is there another way I can share the data on here?

You could send me direct message instead.

Apparently I’m not allowed to send you a direct message either :frowning:

Use wetransfer or dropbox, and post the link here.

@mrammer, can’t download logs by link, give me access, please.

Sorry, I completely overlooked this question. I just realized I didn’t have the base antenna height set when processing the Leica Base data (Reach Base was zero)!!! :open_mouth: That explains the height difference. Thank you!

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