Post processing and solution file

I have some questions:

  1. In post processing, can we see the result directly which output such as bluetooth in RTK method?

  2. I see the solution file, there are many strange value, such as Q1 has 448 point which just 253 points have sde(m) value under 10cm, the other is upper. Then 35 points more than 1 m. @igorvereninov or @egor.fedorov can give me a simple explanation, please.

  3. And same like Q1, Q2 has same problem, then Q5 has sde value 9cm. What the right range for Q1,Q2, and Q5?

  4. I’m sorry, any body could explain to me what the meaning of sde, sdu, sden, sdnu, age, and ratio, which one shows as accuracy? Or maybe there a website link which explain about them?

Thank you