Post processed Network RTK?

I’ve got a pair of Reach modules now, and I am getting some quite nice results using a single rover and post processing using either PPP or RTK and freely available base station data from the Ordnance Survey grid. I’ve been reading a bit about Network RTK, and the apparent improvement in results that can be obtained (in real time) by using a “Virtual Reference Station”, which is some sort of average of a number of surrounding stations. This sounds really interesting, but as far as I can determine is only available in real time from certain subscription services. Since I do have access to historical data from a number of surrounding base stations (e.g. 3 within 25km, but none closer than 20km), I am wondering if it is possible to perform a sort of “post processed NRTK”? I would imagine that this might involve generating a RINEX file for a virtual base station using data from a number of nearby stations. Does anyone know if this is possible? It would potentially be a great addition to RTKLIB also.

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Definitely possible. Almost every professional post processing software let’s you add multiple bases. You actually just upload RINEX from all of them.

Glad to hear that you are getting good results! Would be awesome to hear more about how you are using them, maybe in a new topic :wink:


Thanks - that’s interesting. Do you know of any open source (or even reasonably priced professional software) that would let me post process with a virtual base station? I can obtain the obs data for a number of surrounding stations. It would be awesome if RTKLib could do this - I did try simply adding multiple base stations for processing but the results were worse. I have no idea what effect that was making internally.

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Not anything I can recall. All solutions from trimble, topcon and javad are quite $$$. The lowest option as far as I remember was Justin form Javad.

Also…khhm there is a certain place on the internet where you can find free demos.