Post Process with multiple GNSS?

I have ReachView version: v0.4.9 and Reach image version: v1.2

I’m trying to Post Process GLONASS + GPS in RTKPOST, does anyone know how? I’m using two receivers with both in single static mode with the u-blox configuration file set on: GPS_GLONASS_5Hz

In RTKPLOT both the “R” and “G” satellites show up in the List of satellites visible with good data recorded, however the “R” ones don’t show up in the Sky Plot, only the “G” ones do.

For example I was able to log 7 usable “R” satellites and 7 usable “G” satellites the other day. I get a good fix of 1 mm, but when I post process again and exclude all the “G” satellite numbers just to see if GLONASS is being used or not I get Q=0. This must mean only GPS is being used. Is there a setting to turn on in RTKPOST that I don’t know about to allow the “R” GLONASS data to be read properly?

Anybody know how to solve this? Thank You.

Could you share your logs, please?

A bit earlier I ended up removing RTKLIB 2.4.2 and downloading 2.4.3 beta, through several tests it has been working fine now with the GNSS available.
I don’t know what was going on before (maybe a bug, or a wrong setting), but my problem seemed to be solved now.
Thanks for the reply however.

Upgrade to RV2.2.5 the shole system is sooo much slicker then use the emlid specific RTK lib downloadable through their post processing guidance notes.
You won’t be sorry.

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