Possible change needed in Docs for making from source

While making arducopter from sources using the Emlid instructions here , there is a step instructing that after waf configuring, run

`waf --targets bin/arducopter-quad` 

this results in error

Could not find a task generator for the name ‘bin/arducopter-quad’

There is a forum entry indicating that we should instead use

waf --targets bin/arducopter

This did work for me!



Thank you! We’ll update in a jiffy. AC did lose all of the other targets except for heli.

Yes, but your lack pf action cost me an afternoon of trying to figure out what’s wrong… Expensive stuff

David, thanks for noticing the issue. The docs have been updated. Sorry for the delay. There was some changes in a way ArduPilot’s ArduCopter gets built.

Yes but it is very frustrating to see that I am stuck in the mud in my research project because of your internal issues…

Right now I am stuck again on files missing from the Emlid Raspbian image (/sys/class/pwm/pwmchip0/pwm0/duty_cycle: No such file or directory) and pretty much seeing my research project sinking…

I’m closing this thread as there’s a new thread opened by you for this specific issue. I reckon the problem that is discussed here has been solved.