Position streaming with tilt-compensation

Hi all,

We have two RS3 units for a base and rover setup for an ImpulseRadar PinPointR GPR system. All hardware/software is up-to-date as far as I know. This setup uses a serial cable with NMEA string streaming from the rover to the GPR. The base station is using emlid caster NTRIP to provide corrections to our rover (both of which are connected to the internet via sim cards).

I was curious if we could use tilt compensation for the GPR in the case of a survey on an angled surface with the RS3 extended above the center of the unit by two meters.

The RS3 tilt compensation works great for surveying points after you obtain fix, turn on the tilt compensation, and tell the system your survey rod length. However, I tested if the tilt compensation would be built into the NMEA string for our GPR system, and it doesn’t appear to be corrected. Furthermore, I’m uncertain if defining the rover height in the ‘Base Settings’ would be the way to specify height from receiver to GPR antenna.

Is there (or could there be) this tilt compensation automatically input into the NMEA string with the rover height manually input by the user?

Thank you for any clarification you provide; I can provide further details if necessary.

Welcome, your arrival timing is impecable NMEA compensated position was only recently released in beta: Reach Firmware 32 Beta 2 is out - News - Emlid Community Forum

Hi Jared,

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As @Wombo mentioned, we have released the 32 Beta version, which allows streaming NMEA GGA and GST messages with the compensated position. To update: in Settings, go to Firmware updates, tap Beta Updates and enable Beta updates. Ultimately, this feature will be available in the stable version as well.