Position streaming from Reach M2 to iOS devices

Hi @julia.shestakova ,

I have a similar request. I am an iOS developer of a surveying App and working on making it support Reach m2. I would like to connect Reach M2 through Bluetooth so that my App can send RTK correction data to Reach m2 and receive the NMEA output from it. Therefore, I think I need the SERVICE UUID(the Bluetooth id for connecting to Reach M2) and CHARACTERISTIC UUIDs(one for sending RTK and one for receiving NMEA).

I found this and think it is possible to do that, but I cannot find technical docs for developers. Is it possible to use Bluetooth for the "Correction Input" and "Position Output" at the same time?

I will appreciate it if you can give me some information. Thanks in advance.

Hi @Cipher,

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Such integration via Bluetooth is possible for Android mobile apps only. It works the way described in this guide.

However, if your iOS app supports TCP, you can stream position from Reach M2 via it. Here is an example of such integration with the ArcGIS Survey 123 app.

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Hi @julia.shestakova ,

Thank you for your response!

I am not the end user who use it, but the developer trying to implement such features. I would like to know how to connect to Reach m2 through Bluetooth in my code. Therefore I need to know some more details about it such as the UUID I mentioned before and the request keyword for letting Reach send back data.

Probably that is too technical to discuss here, should I contact the technical staffs about that? If so, may I have their email address?

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Hi Cipher,

Oh, yep, I see. The thing is that Reach RS2 doesn’t allow Bluetooth connection to iOS devices from the technical side. It doesn’t have an infrastructure for such a connection. That’s why to stream position from Reach RS2 to the iOS device, I’d suggest considering alternatives, such as using TCP.

My colleagues and I are here to help with all your questions, including technical ones. So you can just ask us here or via support@emlid.com.

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