Position stream timing

I am using two M2 units streaming position (USB-PC) to a processor using NMEA format. I have the stream set to 1 Hz. The data from the M2 comes exactly every second, but not necessarily on the second boundary. For example, sometimes a stream will be at hh:mm:ss.000000 and other times (after stopping and restarting) it will be hh:mm:ss.600000 or hh:mm:ss.200000

It appears to always align to a multiple of 200 msec.

I want both units to align to the same time since i am doing some relative math on position of the two units.

Is there a way to control the alignment of the position stream? Preferably to be on the second boundary, but not a strict requirement.

Hi Charlie,

It depends on the epoch of GNSS observables that was the first one, and there is no way to control it from ReachView.

Usually, to synchronize the time, a PPS signal is used. Reach devices can output them. Of course, it requires additional research and implementation, but it looks like the most straightforward and correct way to me.

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