Position stream log

Hello, I’ve been trying to get the real-time position with a program running on the linux, and I wonder, is there any API from reachview can do that? if not then it should use the commands from RTKLIB, but I am a bit concerned that, since it’s already being used by reachview, would commands from other file stop reachview working? thanks,

What about this?

Solution output path: tcpsvr
Port: 6868

$ nc 6868 | ./myprogram

1. ReachView sends solution to TCP port 6868 2. NetCat connects to TCP port 6868 and the output is piped directly into your program on stdin.

@bide many thanks that’s very helpful, and I wonder if it’s possible to get other info like the timestamp and imu status (I know it’s not being used by reach). So is there a list of the APIs from the unit, it would be most useful for make full use of the board,