Position shifting > 1m

Hi, we just bought a Reach RS+
I read the measuring point positions from the swiss national system in the format LV95 importing them using csv and even if I put the emlid direct next to the measuring point, I have a position shift of about 1m. As kinematic provider we use rtk-clue.net. Can anybody help me, what we do wrong. Any suggestions for improving the precission?

Do you have access to a tripod or a pole that can elevate the receiver off the ground to 1.5-2m and check the value again? You’re making things much more difficult regarding multipath by just dropping it on the ground.

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I will organize a pole and test again. But even when I hold it directly over the stone with my hand on around 1.5 m, I have this shift.

Well, I’m blind. In your screenshot, there is a red notice top right. It says SINGLE, which means you are not receiving any correction. Make sure you set the correction service first.

We’re going to quickly enter some very messy stuff. How familiar are you with coordinate systems and map projections?


I have added a correction provider. Is there a way to test if I get a signal?

Yes, if you momentarily switch to ReachView 2, you should grey SNR bars next to orange/green bars in the status tab.
You also see the RCTM messages counting up in the Correction Input tab.

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You can see it from the new status view in Reachview 3. The corrections section will give you some statistics on the input. But if you have satellite reception, the color-coded panel at the top right should tell you if you at least receive a correction by being either yellow or green (float or fix solution), visible from anywhere in the APP (in my case I set the receiver on a window sill so there was no fix possible under a concrete roof).

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You were right, I misstyped the password. Thanks a lot, and thanks for the fast answers and support. I am starting to love the emlid, I was to stupid to use it.
thanks and have a nice day


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