Positioining Mode Static vs Kinematic in RS2

In the forum I have read different opinions when to use static or kinematic positioning mode. So I like to ask similar question but for our use case.
Our worklow/setup is the following:

  • We use just one RS2 with RTK correction input from a national provider received over NTRIP.
  • We switch the RS2 on and then use the typical stop an go surveing (Walk from point to point. During the measuring time the RS2 does not move.)
  • We use ReachView3 to capture the points.

For this use case what is better: Kinematic or static positioning mode and why?
Thanks Roland

Kinematic, and then make sure you don’t break the fix.

Static is for longer duration, i.e. placing your base and running a 30 min average fix for Base Mode.


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