POS is Morer than Image in Emlid PPK Module

Hi, I am Jeya Suriya, I am working in a Private Drone Mapping Company. We using the Emlid Reach PPK module. We have an issue in the POS acquired from PPK is greater number than Photo as well as POS acquired by autopilot. Is any solution to rectify this Problem? Please give your points it will helpful for us at any occasion.

Hi Jeya,

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I’m sure the reason for this issue is somewhere on the surface. Hopefully, we’ll be able to locate it fast. So do I get right that the number of time marks after the processing is bigger than the number of photos taken by a camera? What receiver did you use in your setup? Did you process the files in Emlid Studio or some other post-processing application?

Hello Mr. liudmila. sorry for the late reply, In the Below reference image righthand side is the GPS POS of autopilot and the Lefthand side is Emild PPK

How are you triggering the module?

we using hotshoe method to trigger the module

Hi Jeya,

Are you using our original hot shoe cable? If so, how is your drone configured with Reach M2? Can you show me the photos?

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