POS HOLD shooted the drone to the sky

Hey all,

I am here to request your help. I hope this is the right forum for this.

I have been trying to fly my drone, and I triggered POS HOLD, but the drone shot to the sky and then fly out of range, after that, I panicked and crashed the drone. Could you help me to understand what happened?

I attached the flight log. (Edited correct file)

Best Regards and fly safe,

Hi Toivo,

May I ask you to clarify which flight controller do you use?

I use navio2 or did you mean my rc controller which is fly sky FS-T6

My apologies, I believe I uploaded wrong log here is the correct one.

I am suspecting that my navio 2 acceleremator is broken. Is there any way to confirm this?

Hi @Konari,

We’ve looked into your log and at the moment it doesn’t seem to be an accelerometer issue. According to the log, it looks like there are quite large vibrations on the drone.

It’s more likely that such vibrations are caused by the motors. Could you please share your hardware setup photos so that we can check it?

Maybe I shouls try some dampening solutions

Also one motor feels bit stiff could it cause vibrations?


I attached a sponge to my FC to dampen the vibration. Could you check the log one more time and comment what do you think?

Here is the log:

Hi @Konari,

May I ask you to take off the props and try running motors one-by-one? While testing, please touch the frame near each motor to check if the vibrations from them differ a lot.

It looks much better this time, but the vibrations still present. May I ask you to try configuring PID? You can start with Autotune.

Also, please take a look at the vibration damping article in ardupilot docs, it might help, too.

Will do. But would you say that it is now able to fly with these vibrations?

Here is a log where I tried POS HOLD with sponge setup


Hi @Konari,

Vibrations from this log seem to not exceed the recommended by ArduPilot level. It looks like everything is fine with them now.

It’s still possible to lower them though (if you want to do that). This can improve the performance a bit more, and the tips I specified above may help with that.

Thank you for your help! I have been flying alt hold and loiter succesfully.

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