Port Forwarding -ReachView 3 App

I am working on connecting the M2 to a wireless router and then the wireless router will be tethered to my phone for mobile data. This has allowed me to have better wifi range and better wifi results than I have had by connecting my 3 M2s to my phone directly when using them in the field.

I have already managed to get the Reachview 2 webpage and the updater working by forwarding ports 80 and 5000. The one thing I cannot get to work in this wireless setup is the app. Is there another port that I need to forward that is used specifically by the Reachview 3 app?

Hi @jleaders.2,

ReachView 3 is a native app in comparison to web-based ReachView 2. That’s why the only ReachView 2 can be accessed in a browser. To use ReachView 3, you need to install it on an Android or iOS device.

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