Poor PPK flight results at 60m mapping and getting good result at 120 mapping on the same day

We are using Reach M2 module on the Drone and M2 as a Base.
We have flown 1st flight at 60m Alt and Q1 fix was 94% and data quality was not good lots of cycle slips and SNR drop was observed from the plot.
Both the plot screen shorts are attached.

How to resolve the cycle slip issue and Low SNR in particular Mapping leg.

Hi Balaji,

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Please share your raw data logs, so I can check their quality in Emlid Studio.

The screenshots you’ve shared don’t represent the entire picture. You selected ALL frequencies, and the plot shows you not the SNR, but observation periods of particular frequencies,
so the green bar corresponds to L1/L2, yellow only to L1, and further.

To check actual SNR, you need to select particular frequencies: L1, L2, L1C, L2C, and so on.

Hardware setup photos may also help to figure out what can be the reason for cycle slips. They usually appear when there’s substantial interference affecting the receiver. It is caused by the drone’s electronics, and it’s essential to place Reach as far as possible from all its potential sources. You can read this guide to learn more.

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