Poor customer service [SOLVED]

I purchased a new reach rs+ and m+ kit from Robotshop. The RS+ was dead on arrival from the factory. I was in contact with robotshop and emlid for a week running firmware flashes and updates to no avail. Emlid said it was faulty and they would replace. Its been a number of days and i have not recieved any notice from Emlid…did they ship me a new unit? Tracking? I am about ready to send everything back to robotshop and contact credit card company to claim a fraudulent purchase. I am not impressed with Emlid customer service.

Have you written Emlid again?

I think Emlid support is every other weekend? Maybe off this particular weekend? I wouldn’t quite give up on them, they are actually very good about helping and taking care of you.

Their products are great also. And at such a low price they are, where else you going to get things like this at such great prices? You will have a very hard time finding that solution, unless you have money to burn.

The Emlid community is also very helpful. But yes, understood the frustration you may be having which sounds to be rare… so hopefully they will help you asap.


Yes, i have sent emails every day since i discovered it was DOA.

If it is DOA I would just send it back to the shop. That is a warranty case, normally the dealer has to handle it. At least where I’m living.

Where are you living?


Hi Ian,

As far as I know we’ve already shipped you the replacement. Accept my apologize for the delay.

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I was told it would ship 2 to 3 business days on Thursday the 8th. It finally shipped Monday the 12th, but when i check tracking it says expected delivery date is the 20th…7 business days from shipping and 9 business days from when I originally recieved notice that it would ship. This is a far cry from the promised 2 to 3 business days. Why did you not instruct thw vendor that is on this continent to ship me a new head last week, so I could get it at a reasonable time. If i knew it was going to take 2 weeks to get here I would have returned everything and ordered a new unit last Thursday, and would be getting it tomorrow. Common sense here…

Got the new RS+ head from reach and this one works as advertised. Thanks for getting the new unit shipped out.

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