Polyline Colours and Offsets

Hi there,

I was wondering if you can do a little improvement on Emlid Flow field software by including the following.

  1. Changing polyline colours and styles
  2. Stake line - with the current version, it requires to specify a certain segment (normally the first segment when you first select a polyline) to state out. Can this function to be improved by having capability of automatically changing the segments of the polyline depending on where you are standing in relation to the polyline? Because if you have a polyline with many vertices, it is very time consuming to changing the segments to what you need.

Hope this makes sense.



Hi Tuv,

Thanks for the requests. I can understand why these would be useful. Regarding the future styling option, we’ve already received some similar requests from other users. I’ll add yours as +1.

In terms of the closest line segment stakeout, we only released the feature a few months ago and are constantly improving it to make it a useful tool for our users. Your feature would undoubtedly make things easier, so I’ll forward it to the team for further consideration.


I really like both of these ideas as well. I would also love the option to export individual polylines or points, and not just the whole project.

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Thanks for your comment, @bstocker! Then I’ll add another +1 for both requested features. The possibility of exporting projects based on feature types is also a good idea!

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