POLL: Which office software do you use to create deliverables?

Which office software do you use for deliverables?

  • AutoCAD (plain vanilla)
  • AutoCAD Map 3D
  • AutoCAD Civil3D
  • MicroSurvey CAD
  • Carlson Survey software
  • esri ArcGIS
  • Emlid Flow / Flow 360 / Studio
  • Global Mapper
  • QGIS
  • DroneDeploy
  • Virtual Surveyor
  • Pix4D
  • Traverse PC
  • PC Survey
  • XPAD Office
  • Topcon Magnet Survey
  • Trimble Business Center
  • Leica Infinity
  • other (please reply)
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Do you use Coordinate Systems and Projections in your software?

  • YES
  • NO
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There’s no space allowed for “others” software; I also use Javad Justin 3,NGS PAGES, USNO MICA, AGISOFT METASHAPE, EMLID STUDIO and BRICSCAD

I forgot Global Mapper, Libre Excel, Emlid Studio,Carson Survey and Salsa (Surveyor’s Applications for Least Squares Adjustment (SALSA)). Salsa is really hard to comprehend, but still trying


I also use Agisoft Metashape Pro, Emlid Studio and RedToolbox, Google Earth Pro and also the UK’s OS GridInquestII software on occasion. For drone planning, at the moment it’s primarily DJI Flight Hub 2 and Pilot 2. On occasion I’ll also use Litchi for mission planning. Flight KMLs are output to be added as part of the mission data in case anyone wants to re-fly the mission at a future date.


I too will add Metashape to the list and also Carlson Precision 3D Topo. P3D does most of the heavy lifting as I use it for DTM’ing and inserting ground shots and breaklines into the mesh before creating the final contours.


Also Emlid Studio & Trimble Pathfinder Office (RS3 RINEX base files).


BricsCAD, AgisoftMetashape (a little), Eiva Navipac, QCCalc, Eiva GeoCalc, Excel (so many excels), EmlidStudio, CHC GeoOffice,