Pole Height Setting

Can someone clarify the pole height setting usage? I was testing my new units, and on my rover the first project I did, the antenna height was 1.465m which was pretty much spot on as the pole height was 1.4m. But then I power cycled the rover and moved it and started a new project and it read the antenna height as just over 2m!? Nothing changed with my pole/tripod mount height and the unit was moved to no farther than 2 meters away from when it said the antenna height was 1.465m (correct actual height.) I don’t think you can edit the antenna height do you? And the height of the unit is .065m right? So wouldn’t you just always specify the pole height as 0.065m less than the displayed antenna height? I’m guess not, as why have the setting! This is why I need clarification.

I am wondering if maybe I spaced and forgot I set the pole height to 1.4m when I initially created the project and the second project I forgot to set it and it defaulted to 2m. Yep, I think that’s what happened. I feel stupid now for posting this. But just in case I’m wrong…


Have you updated to 2.16 ?

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