Pole Height Recommendation

Hi there,

what pole height do you recommend with an Emlid base and Tripod and Tribach?

I was thinking that if it is too high, it might become inaccurate since the tripod is always a little bit uneven (even with tribrach)…

What is your take on that?

Application is accurate survey mapping for construction and earth works…

2m is normal i would say. But any height to get the job done is ok if you do it right.


2 meter total or on top of a , let’s say 150cm tripod?

2m total.

Obviously the higher, the more distance error caused by angular error.

So far so good.

I usually say it depends a lot on your surroundings. There are some questions one could ask before placing the base:

  • does 1-2 meters more elevation help me get a better signal?
  • by extending the pole 1-2 meters, will the receiver start to sway so much that the increase in sky-view is nulled by the imprecision caused by the swaying?
  • if mounted on tribrach, can I find a suitable measuring point for instrument height? (expeically true when using extension rods)
  • do I trust my extension rod+adapters to be perfectly straight?

In answering all these questions for my self, I find that for the RS2 I do the following:

  • setup a tripod with the usual recommendations for when setting it up for a total station
  • assemble RS2, 15 cm Emlid extension rod, 5/8" to 20 mm tribrach adapter and tribrach.
  • put it on the tripod
  • level and align tripod/tribrach
  • measure height to bottom of the RS2
  • add 0.134 meters (this usually totals an antenna-height of just under 2 meters)
  • good to go.

This I use in most situations, but I also have 0.5 and 1 meter extension rods for use in heavily vegetated or build-up areas. However, I’d rather move my base than use the rods, if possible.


Thank you, that answers all my questions!

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2m on top of a mountain!

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