Points collected + 1 hr are being corrected using stop & go

Hi everyone,

I’m using Emlid studio 1.4. The raw data (kinematic) data (file name: Reach_raw_20230720094907.23O) were collected using a RS2+ and I used cors network data for my base station.

When using stop and go (after clicking processing), the correct times are processed (see attached pdf). However, when the csv file is added at the “Project from Emlid Flow” section, if the processing time covers the period (2023-07-20) 09:51:45.0 UTC+01:00 to (2023-07-20) 09:59:24.8 UTC+01:00 and there is a point collected at this time in the csv file, the points are not averaged. Instead, it is points that are collected one hour later that are being averaged (that is from 2023-07-20 10:47:57.6 UTC+01:00 to 2023-07-20 11:01:19.2 UTC+01:00). I have included print screens that show the processing time in Emlid Studio and an excel spreadsheet with the points not averaged (green) that should have been averaged and the points that were averaged (yellow) and should not have been averaged.

The latter should not be averaged because the raw data file was recorded for one hour these points would not have been collected during this hour. Also, the cors network file has data collected for the period 9:00 to 10:00 (UTC), therefore only the first three points in the csv file should be averaged.

What might be the problem?


Hi Kurt,

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Emlid Studio can handle different UTC zones. You just need to ensure that you choose the proper Logs duration in the settings and that the data from CORS is related to the required period.

Also, the cors network file has data collected for the period 9:00 to 10:00 (UTC)

It’s 10-11 UTC+1, which matches the results. If you want to average the first 3 points from the CSV, you’ll need the base data for 9-10 AM UTC.

Thanks for the welcome and thanks for responding. I actually checked the time for both the rover and the cors data and they both matched (UTC). Using the earlier 9 - 10 AM UTC did not result in a fixed, float or single solution. Also, data from the previous day collected at the same time, matched CORS collected at the same time on the previous day and worked as it should (the times matched). I hope the latter makes sense.

I see. Could you please post your files in this thread or send them privately to support@emlild.com? I’d like to check them to figure out why you faced such difficulty.