Point names on DXF files

I’m using Emlid Reach rs+, After collecting data successfully, and I export the project in DXF format, all of the point names don’t come across with them. In CSV all the names are visible. Im using TurboCAD designer 2021, Coma seperated values work fine, but it invoves extra steps that DXF doesn’t need. Is there any way for the Point names and info to get downloaded with them?

Hi @kdkarchaeologyuk,

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ReachView 3 can’t output DXF with point names for now, but the option seems really helpful! We’ll think about supporting it in some way :wink:

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Hi @kdkarchaeologyuk,

Now you can output DXF with point names as labels :slightly_smiling_face: Just check ReachView 3 is updated to the 6.14 version, and it’s ready to go!

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