Point names changed after import

Hi, we got this issue when importing points to a project via Emlid Flow 8.2 / Flow 360 (both).

In this example, the point names are in the 500 range. When they are imported, their ID becomes 1, 2 until 18. Is it fixable ?


guiana_import.zip (439 Bytes)

Coordinates system : WGS84 / UTM zone 22N (French Guiana)
Vertical datum : ellipsoidal height

Good to know. Are they still in the same order?

Yep, they actually are.

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Well at least there’s a silver lining. This kind of thing (and others from different manufacturers) is one of the reasons our control is in to 10K’s. With Flow in particular because there was no layering we had to create separate projects for each utility line of each scope. Have you noticed if you bring in a second wave of points that it tries to renumber them back to 1 or does it pick up from the last number existing?

It’s renamed back to 1.

Yuck. Does it overwrite or do you end up with two #1’s?

The latter. Duplicates, duplicates everywhere :sweat_smile:

Hi guys,

Florian, we checked your file with the devs. Seems that your CSV is in UTF-8 with BOM encoding. Because of that, there are some additional symbols at the beginning of the file, and the app can’t read the names of the points correctly. So it sets them automatically.

We’ve changed the encoding to UTF-8, and it started to work fine. Here is a reformatted file:
guiana_import_utf8.zip (885 Bytes)


Oh, ok, that’s unusual but good to know. Thanks, that works !