Point didn't record in event point

Hi I’m going to mapping with RTK attach in drone phantom 4 pro. Before that I tested my RTK PPK in phantom 4 pro. I got the result that I lost about 12 point in _event.pos file. Any body have same problem with me? Is there any solution for this problem? Thank you

The red dot is the missing point, I marked it

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How is your triggering setup done?
Can you show some pictures of your setup?
Then it is easier to help.

Hi @dicky,

Can you send us the raw data logs from your base and rover? How many events did the rover have to record? I’ll check if events are missing after post-processing or the rover doesn’t record data during the flight.

Also, I think the photos that Christian asked for can help, too.

UPD. Fixed the typos

Hi @dicky,

Would you be able to send us the data and photos?

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