POE Power over Ethernet AND data with single cable?

For good reception i need to get the base reach and its GPS antenna 40m away from my office.

The idea is to put the reach into a plastic box, together with a USB-to-Ethernet adapter.

Then have 40 meter Ethernet cable to connected to the office network with an POE injector.

I ma thinking about one of these:

However i am unsure what makes Galaxy device different from all other device like reach?

Can one power the reach by POE Power over Ethernet AND data connect to it?
Do POE-USB adapters forward the power to the reach?
If so what will work? Link?

If not, how would you solve this?

Seems like some models like this hub could do the trick.

Judging by description It should:

  1. Provide power to a Reach module
  2. Act as a USB hub
  3. Act as a USB-Ethernet adapter - BUT it is not guaranteed that Reach has a driver for the USB-ETH chip used in it, if it’s not some universal USB class, should be tested.

Other solution would be to keep Reach inside and use 40m antenna cable with an amplifier.

Hello, after connecting ethernet adapter ( Leds are on), how we assign static ip address from RTK reach?

Thank you


I was wondering if anybody could confirm wether this solution works and provides both power and connectivity with a single Ethernet PoE connexion ?

I’m considering implementing that with the Reach M2. I guess this would be the device to use: https://lavasimulcharge.com/nsts-p2ue/