Please send me mapping data

I am interested in mapping and researched configurations, placements, geotagging, and creating map in Emlid’s docs. However, I am still worried about how to make a map and don’t want to spend lots of my money on the mapping kit without any experience. If you don’t mind, can someone please share raw data of Base&Rover, and photos, etc.? I will try to make a map. I will buy the Mapping Kit if I achieve a good map with your data.


Hi @karadagtahsin080,

It’s always nice to see a person interested in mapping here! I like that you take it seriously as well. For now, there’s no testing dataset I can share, but it makes me think that we may want to have one. It allows trying PPK with your hands, even without the kit. Thanks for noticing!

Would you like to have such a dataset just to test the workflow, or do you want to check the kit’s quality? In the second scenario, note that the accuracy of the map depends not only on the kit’s performance. The external factors such as the camera used or the way you place GCPs also play their part. Just something to keep in mind if some of our users can share their test data with you :wink:

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The making of a map does not require GCP’s as such. You can experiment no problem with the photogrammetry without a RTK GNSS solution.

I can understand that. The kits offered by Emlid is as solid as other large vendors of GNSS gear, just at a much better price.

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