Please help me

i have gnss hi target v90 pulse
and phantom 4 pro
please tell me what is package emlid good for me. for mapping drone rtk

Hi Mohammed,

Reach modules in RTK on the drone can be used for precise navigation only. As you’d like to do the aerial mapping, you need to work in PPK.

DJI Phantom 4 Pro has a camera that doesn’t provide hot shoe access. That’s why our modules can’t be straightforwardly integrated with it. The only reliable workaround is to place GCPs. Check Placing GCPs in the RTK guide from our docs, where we describe how to do it. After processing GCPs with photos from your drone, you’ll be able to get several centimeters of accuracy for your project as well.

To place GCPs in RTK, I’d suggest purchasing a single Reach RS2, as you already have a Hi-Target V90 Plus receiver. Reach RS2 supports transmitting corrections in the RTCM3 format. So it should operate smoothly in RTK with 3rd-party receivers, supporting this format as well.

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