Playing back Reach UBX raw file on Ublox center


Can I playback raw UBX file on ublox center. I tired to but i couldn’t. U-Center looks very useful. Do you recommend any software for route visualization and animation that can display two routes at the same time Also is there i big difference between real time RTK solution and real time solution ?

I’m using RTKPLOT. is there a tutorial on how to use it with Google Earth ?

Many thanks

I don’t have a lot of experience with the Ublox center. It is oriented toward making configuration changes to the Ublox receivers & I thought, for me, I best leave it to Emlid. However, you can display some key information to help find any unique problems

I don’t know about displaying two routes at a time.

Real Time Solution may mean both uncorrected display without corrections and with base corrections. RTK solution generally refers to more precise location solutions with Rover & Base. Refer to Emlid DOCs section for more info.

Google Earth was displayed in RTKPLOT until recently when Google Earth changed its app. You can display your Reach plots in Google Earth as follows: Start Google Earth independent from RTKPLOT. Use the RTKPLOT export button to generate a .gpx or .kmz? file for Google Earth. In Google Earth, import file & do your thing including tours, etc. Too much to cover here, but there are real time inputs, also, etc… Takes some learning, but can be done. See my post “Reach in Urban Environment” for sample display of RTKPLOT on Google Earth.

Thanks Richard, your post is very helpful. I wish they put more tutorials in the DOC sections about how to use these different tools.

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