Play music or audio through rotors?

So I came up with this idea that maybe there could be a way to put the APM in a mode where your able to play sound through the motors while in flight. I thought of this while i was in alt hold at an extremely low altitude and observed the motors pulsing rmp’s rather than being a consistent tone. Just a theory but maybe these pulses could be used to make a audio sounds kinda like a speaker would. Whats your guy’s thoughts on this or am I just insane lol?

This is a funny question, and easy to answer. Start with the ESCs, which can handle 50 Hz bto 490 Hz. This means you can encode 25-245 Hz and probably less dependent on the motors. The human has a hear range of 20 Hz to 20 kHz. This means, the setup is not feasible to decode audio signals.

Well, my theory was that perhaps you could make the vehicle rapidly turn left and right at a high enough frequency to make a hearable tone, or vise versa horizontally. Or even pulse the motors on and off at a high resonance. The actual sound would be coming from the props. Maybe loose lift wile doing it but still make sound. I actually don’t know allot about sign waves and stuff or other electronic stuff i just have a good imagination hehe