Platinum HV 200A ESC RPM signal to Navio 2


I am working on a traditional helicopter project for my company and we must have the RPM telemetry to fine tune the helicopter for different payloads and flying conditions.

The helicopter uses a Hobbywing Platinum HV 200A ESC that provides a RPM signal cable. How can I read this signal from Navio2 to be available among the telemetry data?

Thank you very much.

Hi Bruno,

As Navio2 possibilities depend on ArduPilot possibilities, I started with researching their docs. That’s what I found: it’s supported, and there is a specific RPM library you need to install. Please check the guide.

Also, as I got, you’ll need to set PWM as GPIO for this. Here’re the tips on how to do it.

Thank you!

The first reference I already know but I could not fined anything on the Navio2 side of things. The use of the PWM pints as GPIO should do the trick. Thank you very much.

I’ll try it.

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