Plastic standoffs for Reach module

I’d like to mount my Reach module to another circuit board, so I’m looking for plastic PCB standoffs. Has anyone sourced a part?

I haven’t measured the hole, but it looks like 1/16" (1.6mm).

you can easly find STL 3d model on Emlid github

I can only find the full cases, but not pins or standoffs - did I miss it?

1.6mm would be the right size

Thanks, but what I’m looking for is something like this, but the right size:

Just looked at the mounting holes on the reach, m1.6 would be a bit small actually, m2 would be perfect.

These would work:

Thank you!

I was hoping for a pin that would just snap through the hole, but I can’t seem to find one for a 2mm hole. Settling for this style is not a big deal, so I think I’ll go for this one.

Thanks again.