Plane in Loiter loose fix

I made a survey whit a lot of clouds, so I have used loiter to wait for the clouds to pass, now I see I had no fix after loiter, it seems no fix at all, maybe the continue roll inclination makes the gps antenna to look away but how I can resolve?
In the picture the real flight by the pixhawk log and the result in RTK plot, the flight goes from left to right.
Thank you
using Reach base station RTKPost gives memory allocation error so I have used a national station

How long flight time with no fix?
And how is reach configurated?

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same configuration of other topic of mine
Your RTKpost configuration file

From the config i sent fix&hold was used. I would try continuous for this run
Fix&Hold will hold fix for a longe time but will also use longer time to converge from bad data.

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Plane entered loiter after 14 minutes of flight, maximim roll angle 45°, stayed in the first loiter for 13 minutes, then flew for another 15 minutes, loiter again 11 minutes, then 7 minutes to make last run on the right, then i flew to get more pictures I think I don’t need

Continuos instead of fix and hold

continuos elevation mask 25 rtkplot_2017-09-08_17-05-00
fix and hold elevation mask 25

disabling SNR mask (set at 25)rtkplot_2017-09-08_17-18-27

Perfect example that shows one setting doesn’t always work best every time.
But banking and turning plane could be difficult to obtain enough sky view with visable satellites.

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i would like to see a simple tutorial on how to use the SNR mask wich seems still magic to me
thank you

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