Pixhawk.Mission Planner Integration problem

I am running into a problem when I try to set-up a RTK GPS on the autonomous boat I am building. I have a pair of Reach GPS that I want to use as a Base-Rover pair. I am using the latest stable release of Ardurover with a Pixhawk 2.4.8 flight controller. I am using the current stable version of Mission Planner (1.3.56).

Following specific instructions on the Emlid website I have configured the base and the rover. The rover gps is plugged into Serial4/5 on the Pixhawk which has been set to a baud rate of 38400 - so this should be viewed as the second GPS on the boat. The corrections from the base are sent via a wifi connection. They appear to be coming in I have green bars that vary in size on the screen that shows up when I initiate GPS injection. On the same page I can see packets of information both incoming and outgoing. I have a green light on the page for “base”, :“GPS” and “Glonass”. I have RTCM messages - that change with time. I have a RTCM base.

However…I don’t appear to be actually sending the corrections to the GPS or receiving corrected positions from it! When I check the status of my system on the main page I see a number of parameters (gpsstatus2, gpshdop2 and others) that are 0 which suggests the Pixhawk doesn’t know its attached.

The parameters I set (following the instructions from Emlid’s web page) were:


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