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Pixhawk Cube , Reach M+, RedEdge

(Sascha) #1

hi folks,

i have here pixhawk cube, reach m+ and rededge.
and yes of course i read the page on the micasense webpage with emlid integration.

just to be sure, i have prepared a wiring diagramm ( because i didn´t found one at the web ) and would ask, if this is correct.

hope you will confirm

thank you in advance for your answers!

best regards


(Tatiana Andreeva) #3

Hi @sascha,

Concerning Reach with camera integration, you need to connect:

  • Reach M+ Time Mark1 pin (2) from C1 port to camera PPS pin;
  • Reach M+ GND pin (1) from C1 port to camera GND pin.

I’d also recommend you to power Reach M+ separately as PixHawk might not provide enough power for Reach.

Please, do not supply Reach from USB and S1 port simultaneously!

(Sascha) #4

hi @tatiana.andreeva,

we you are not able to put a wiring scheme for integreation reach m+ with pixhawk on your website ?

i try to figure out now for long time, how to get reach m+ with pixhawk running.

i read several post to get information ( for example this, that i should power reach m+ with seperate 5v )

thats realy frustrating . maybe i am the only one with this problem, but it would be realy helpfull if your company will provide this scheme here

thank you!

(Tatiana Andreeva) #5

Hi @sascha,

Have you seen the scheme of PixHawk connection in our ArduPilot integration guide?

The connection to the Cube doesn’t differ a lot.