Pixhawk cube, micasense rededge and reach m+

hi folks,
maybe you can help me, but i am a little bit curious at the moment.

i have the following setup here

quadrocopter with pixhawk cube,
micasense rededge
emlid reach m+

so, the rededge is fully integreated on in the cube and this combination works perfect.

but now i want to add the reach m+ to get a higher accuracy .

my question is:

how is the best wiring ? connect the reach m+ with the cube on telemtry 2 or with rededge ?

pls. teach me and give me some tips!

thank you in advance


Hi Sascha,

Micasense recommends to connect Reach and Rededge directly:

hi dimitry,
thanks for the link, i found this before, but is this the right way ?

maybe my english is not good enough to understand the article right, so in that case, sorry for that.
but in my opinion and what i expect is the following way:

i connect the reach m+ to the cube as second gps to get - together with the reach rs+, which we have also - and the mission planer a higher acurracy instead of the default gps.

the micasense rededge will triggerd by the cube as well and safe the gps position, which will get from the cube in the exif data…

with this combination, i should have the right position datas to each picture.

am i wrong ?

thanks in advance for your time to answer again!

best regards


Hi @sascha,

Sorry for the late answer.

What doubt you in such a scheme?

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