PixHawk 2 with Reach M2

Hi Andrew; I use Pixhawk2 with M2 for PPK. This cable : http://tuffwing.com/support/reach_geotag_event_hot_shoe_cable.html
feeds 5 Volts directly into Emild M+ hotshoe port. Will it be safe to use on M2?

Hi Andrew;
I am not using this cable; my camera connects direct on hotshoe M2 Port to reduce lost time marks.
When using S1 or S2 ports to feed 5Volts on M2, Time mark peaks only 3 Volts.
If it is safe to feed 5 Volts on Hotshoe ( C1 ) port, signal to noise ratio would be advantageous and probaly reduce lost time marks when using long cables.

This to clarify my question.

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Hi @Claude,

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You can see on the pinout scheme for Reach M2 that there is a 5V pin for power on the C1 port.

On the Time mark pin, the voltage should always be 3.3 V. Other Voltage values can damage this pin.

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Many thanks Andrew;

I understand I can feed 5V to one of following : pin 5 of C1 or C2 , or pin 5 of S1 or pin 7 of S2, and time mark pin voltage will always be 3,3 Volts.

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@Claude, yes, exactly!

Hi Andrew; just updated M2 from V2.22.3 to V27.1.
Reachview2 gives correct .UBX and .LLH files but .NAV and .OBS files I need for RTKLIB - PPK seems replaced by .21B , .21O and .21P files unusable by rtk_post.qt
Examles: Reach_Raw_202110231338.21B , Reach_Raw_202110231338.21O ,Reach_Raw_202110231338.21P
Could you hepl?

Hi Andrew; I just find the answer now; I simply had to convert UBX into NAV and OBS with RTKLIB CONVERTER that I never used before.
M2 V2.22.3 was converting automatically but M2 V21.1 output is only 21B, 21O and 21P.
Ground simulations are OK now, so I will fly tomorrow.
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Hi Claude,

Great that you sorted it out by yourself!

21O is an observations file or .OBS, and 21P is a mixed navigation file or .NAV in RINEX 3.XX. You can use these files for PPK in RTKPost without additional convertation.

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