Pixhawk 2.1 Cube / Reach M+ RTK / RTK / Ublox NEO-M8N / Trimble R10 Groundstation

Hi, after I have read all the quick-start content and also searched the whole forum, I still need some help.

I am totally new to building drones as well as using RTK systems.

We are planning a plant protection drone using a high resolution digital terrain model and RTK for precise navigation over the vines. So we need a live RTK correction signal implemented, not PPK.

We bought the pixhawk 2.1 cube, a reach M+, a telemetry module, a NEO-M8N GPS antenna for the pixhawk and we already have a Trimble Ground station.

In this topic I would only like to know about the precise wiring of these components, becase as I already said, I don’t get it.

  1. Do I have to connect the Reach m+ to the Telemetry-modul or das ist communicate with the ground station itself? If so, does this mean that the 3DR telemetry module is unnecessary?
  2. Do I connect the NEO-M8N to GPS1-Input?
  3. How do I power the Reach M+? In case it has a wifi connection, how many amps does it really need?

I attached a photo of the parts I’m having here.

Thank you for your help.



Hi @T1lo,

I recommend you to take a look at our ardupilot integration tutorial. It helps you with configurations.

Here’s the typical setup scheme. Base transmits corrections to GCS. GCS transfers them to Ardupilot controller over Telemetry link. Reach M+ receives this data from Ardupilot and output the calculated position to Ardupilot over S1 port.

Yes. Reach should be used as a second GNSS receiver.

You need to power Reach from PixHawk over S1 port.

Hi Taiana and thank you for your reply. Unfortunately the setup schemes only show how to connect to the older pixhawk FC. There is no Serial Port 4/5 on the Pixhawk Cube.

Hi @T1lo,

You can use GPS 2 port.

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