Pitot Tube and data logging

I am need of some help. I am currently trying to get a digital pitot tube to take airspeed measurements with the Navio2. I am using a PX4 airspeed v1.0 digital pitot tube. I have plugged the pitot tube into the i2c slot on the top of the Navio2. I run the command:
sudo i2cdetect -y 1
And get the following results:

I believe that from these results the Navio2 is detecting the pitot tube. When I go into Mission Planner, initial setup, optional hardware, and airspeed, I can not set up the pitot tube to take airspeed measurements. The two drop down boxes are not clickable. Am I missing something to setup the Navio2? Is there something I have to setup in the Navio2 code itself? Once I have the pitot tube setup, is there a way to log the data the pitot tube is collecting on the micro SD card in the Raspberry Pi? I need to be able to plot this data for the research paper I am currently working on. Please let me know.

Hi @mjc1521,

Are you sure you’ve started ArduPlane on Navio2 and not ArduCopter?



I feel like a moron. No, I did not switch from arducopter to arduplane. Will switching this fix the issue?

Ignore that last post from me. Switching to arduplane fixed the issue. Thank you for the help. Now as for data logging, can I just run a Python script on the RPi itself to log data from the Navio2? Or is there another way I have to log data?

Hi @mjc1521

Yes, you can use your own script to log data from the tube to the file.
I’d recommend looking through our Navio2 examples, maybe you’ll find something helpful for the development.

I looked through the examples. Is there a way to be able to log data from multiple sensors: battery voltage and current, gps, air speed, etc, with only a single script or do I need to write multiple scripts for each sensor reading?

Hi @mjc1521,

The only way to do it is to write such a script by yourself.
You can use our examples as a basis.


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