Pitch-drawing robot with Reach RS from Nissan's Commercial

Hi everyone,

I would like to share the link to the new Nissan’s commercial featuring a pitch-drawing robot with Reach RS!

UNIT9, the production company behind the project, developed an autonomous robot that can draw pitches of different sizes in various flat outdoor environments.

The robot is inspired by the ProPILOT - Nissan’s autonomous drive technology. It is designed for highway use in single-lane traffic.

Reach RS allowed the robot to calculate its precise position so it could paint the lines accurately.

Learn more about the project here:

Emlid Reach RS in Honda R mixed reality race video

Check another awesome project of UNIT9 where Reach RS was used on Honda Civic to track its position.


Haha, excellent! Thanks for sharing.

It would be fun to a weed killer sprayer so you can add drawings and text that ‘appear’ latter :see_no_evil: :grinning:

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