Pinout for emlid hotshoe adapter (5 pin JST GH) and how to see or get geotagged photos or data (Basically PPK)

I am fairly new to this, and I have two queries/problems, and your help will be much appreciated

  1. I want to know Pinout for emlid hotshoe adapter (5 pin JST GH) for integrating emlid reach m2 with sony alpha 6000 dslr. I am not able to find it anywhere on internet.

  2. How can I get geo tagging (PPK) with Emlid reach M2 and Sony alpha 6000, please explain in detailed steps what exactly I need to do.

Hi @usamafodkar839,

Welcome to our community!

To integrate Reach M2 with Sony Alpha 6000, you can just plug the hot shoe connector in a camera hot shoe mount and the JST-GH connector in the С1 port on Reach M2. You can check photos showing the setup in our Сonfiguring Reach UAV Kit for PPK Mapping guide. And the Geotagging Photos with Emlid Studio guide will walk you through the geotagging process. If you face difficulties at any step, let me know, and we’ll figure it out!