Pinout and circuit diagram for Navio2 ?!

Hi, i find the documentation for Navio2 not very comprehensive.
a more detailed cirquit diagram and pinout for the Navio2 would be helpful,
thats not enought: (but better than nothing):
similar to the one for Navio+ i would like it for the Navio2:


We’re making a newer pinout diagram. But it’ll be released no sooner than in the mid-January.

On the other hand, you can always flip over your Navio 2 and see silk screenings that should clear out most of your questions.

should have taken a picture, now its built in :wink:
or do you got some closeups of the bottom side ?

maybe you could answer a quick question.
ive problems reading the current from the powermodule. Voltage reads right
but current is usually 0, sometimes a “reasonable” number comes up for the current but
usually it doesnt, so i suspect some loose connection somewhere.
so i was wondering on which GPIO the current pin is routed?!

I guess you get reasonable values when there’s any current above several amps drawn. This is kind of expected because PMs are not sensitive enough to read values below several amps. Every time you give an engine throttle you’ll get believable values.

We’ll add some later today. Thanks for noticing!

This really needs to be addressed. Not a fan of adding a bunch of features until what is considered “core” is sorted out. Anyway, here’s an example…

Silkscreen fro Power says ADC0 and ADC1 and docs say


Even though, I kind of understand what you’re talking about, the example you’ve just shown is not applicable! BATT_CURR_PIN and BATT_VOLT_PIN are implementation details. User doesn’t really need to set these values manually. Anyways, thanks for noticing. We’ll get rid of unnecessary information in the future. This specific bit is needed, though. Because not all users use the same GCS with the same PM presets.

I think we digressed a little from the initial topic.

But you also provide an implementation via your ArduPilot image. I am not using your power module since it’s 4 cell limited. Using an Attopilot 180A and I want to make sure my install is properly documented. I had similar issues when integrating an SF02 LIdar on the other ADC port. Found it buried in a forum post here for sonar integration. Port to pin mapping would help along with wire diagram.

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In new ArduPilot release we have these parameters set on start. You won’t need to think about it. Sorry for inconvenience!

Guys, take a look at our new pinout diagram. We feel it’s easier to understand than the older one. Thanks for your invaluable input!

Thanks. That should help everyone. BTW, I am running latest image with ROS support. Since the ADC port could be used for a variety of sensors I am not sure everything is set. Hence my request for the pin mapping for ArduPilot to go with wire diagram. But it probably belongs in the ArduPilot part of the docs and not the PCB pinout as you pointed out. I’ll start another post with the ADC port mappings I have found.

thnx a lot, i just saw the new diagram, all i need there for now :wink:

as to the current readings, even with a couple of amp drawn form the battery i get 0 readings
also i cant measure any noticeable change on the adc input for the current sensor.
tried two different power-boards, both are working on an old apm2.6, so a hardware malfunction on the
the power-board side is ruled out. something wrong on the side of the Navio2 im afraid.
I think ill get a more reliable sensor for my Jeti-system and forget about the power-module, but thnx
for the suggestions but you probably should look into that issue, i seem not to be the only one having
problems with the current sensor…


Thank you for you input. Appreciate it a lot!

It’d be nice to have a new thread about this issue. Could you please open a new one? I’m sure we’ll figure something out :slight_smile: