Pin out guide for M2 hot shoe wire?

Does anyone have the pin out for M2/M+ hot shoe wire? Looking for the ground and timing wire. There are 4 black and 1 red. I searched and could not find it.

I found and image

Maybe also related: Why is there a capacitor between 5V and GND on the hot shoe adapter if it is not used? Can I omit the 5V connection and only connect GND and the time mark?

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Hi Tim and David,

The hot shoe adapter pinout is matching the pinout of the C1 port of M2/M+. In order to register the time-marks, it is enough to use the Time mark 1 pin and GND from that port.

Thanks @artem.fomenko Quick question. So what would be the difference in time between the time mark 1and the Trigger line? I am adding a Air Commander in the line. I will need to solder in the GND and TRIGGER line of the AirCommander to the Emlid hotshoe harness. So I am wanting to make sure do I need to use the “trigger line” or the Time Mark 1 line?

Hi Tim,

The Time mark pin is used to register the feedback from the camera when it takes a photo, while the Trigger pin is needed to operate the camera shutter.

In your case, if your camera is configured to take photos automatically or can be triggered externally by any other device, you only need to use Time mark and GND pins for event logging.

That makes good sense! Thanks for the clarification.

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