Pi input/output availability with navio installed

I’m thinking about getting a navio, and I was wondering - how many inputs/outputs are still arbitrarily available on the Pi 2 with the navio installed? My project will require a bunch of sensors and components connected to the pi itself, so I’m hoping to still be able to use GPIO pins.

Somewhat related, how do people connect cameras to their rigs? I’ve noticed the pi’s camera specific port, but it seems like it might be physically blocked by the navio. Do people install some kind of standoff spacers? Pass through the navio? USB cameras?



there are a few GPIO pins available on the UART and the SPI connector. I can not remember how much on the SPI, but on the UART there are two.
Have a look at the docs, they are listed there.
I use a RPi camera with a Navio and there is enough room to pass the cable below the Navio and out at the servo connectors.
The RPi camera/cable emits some RF noise. I notice it, because the digital servos in my gimbal start to twitch as soon as the camera is used.
I wrapped my cable in aluminium tape and electrical tape. I still have to test it, but another Navio user used this method successfully.

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We also left many untouched GPIOs in new 40-pin connector.(only 3 last are used for LEDs, all others are not used)

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