Pi B+ crashes once connected to Navio+

Hi all,
I was following the instruction to set up my Navio+, but whenever I attached it onto the pi, my pi immediately lost connection with my pi (I ssh my pi with wifi/internet cable). Do you know how to fix this? Thanks!


Have you set up the Navio+ while RPi is powered? If that’s the case, you might want to set up the Navio first and then turn your Rasperry on.

@Lampard Navio+ was not intended to be hot swappable. When connecting any peripherals is a good practise to apply power only after connection.

Does your Raspberry Pi reboot or completely shuts down and doesn’t load after?

It completely shuts down and won’t start again, but once I get Navio+ off the pi the connection is back. I tried connect them before plug in power; it is not working either.

@Lampard Could you please post a picture of how everything is connected when you power it up?

@ivereninov Here is the picture, just without the power for pi.


It seems like you setup the Navio upside down. Refer to our docs.